About Us

Miserbee is a one-stop solution for virtual shopping assistance to a potential buyer. We are working on the following four modules:

  1. MiserBee
  2. MiserBee Shop
  3. MiserBee Discounts

We aspire to provide ease for our customers in making the right choices!

This module is designed in order to make the life of an online shopper convenient at the ease of home.

With a multitude of e-commerce businesses flourishing in the online world of shopping, it is a tedious job to look for the best product in the most reasonable ranges. 

MiserBee’s freeware will let you go through the process with little or no heed. Our motive is to save the most valuable asset of today’s fast-paced life i.e time and money. 

It is an open-source ecommerce site with no subscription charges. You can easily click and buy the best deals from around the world! 

Currently we are serving in the following regions: UK, USA, Australia, Canada having a trusted relationship with our international clients. 

MiserBee is a great tool for marketplaces to build and implement accurate sales and marketing strategies. Ensuring sales growth, in addition to the cost of maintenance and installation. We strive to guide customers towards a brand in the best possible deals to get the products they need!


This platform will open a wide-range of blogs, and answer queries from a potential buyer whilst making a purchase. 

When purchasing from an online store, there are always certain risks involved. 

We aim to minimise the possibility of fraudulent cases such as credit card scams, phishing, hacking, identity theft, counterfeit products etc. 

In addition, there are chances of compromises in quality when a product is viewed online as compared to the physical means. It is a good idea to check for authentic reviews from our site with hands-on experiences.  

If you choose to click and buy a product without prior research, you might end up making blind purchases and mistakes you’ll regret later because there was no genuine assistance. 

Miserbee promises to curtail this issue. 

One of the greatest fears of getting hold of an online purchase is that sometimes, sites won’t offer good or accurate descriptions of the goods, 

or customers are unable to figure out how to purchase or return an item even worse when no customer service is available. 

This results in negative customer experience and oftentimes they have to go through disappointment. 

Our blog will not only help customers but also grow businesses. Miserbee’s blogs will help drive more sales by boosting your brand awareness and improving the rankings of your product pages. With almost 4 billion people around the world connected to the internet, these blogs provide a great exposure. Thus, stronger links and brand identity.

We provide information on services and products, share content timely and comment on industry trends, which helps creating companies in the long-run with no time-bound in giving outcomes over long periods of time unlike an advertisement. It assures stronger links in the market. Customers are free to refer and explore any product on the site. With the option of posting comments in the section, there are options for interactions with various customers and provides an opportunity to further correct a decision.

MiserBee Shop is an effective shopping resource platform l providing all the necessary resources and comparisons among brands in order to make the user avail the best deal and save some bucks! 

Our website will show product prices for the same or similar items online or at other local retailers and explicitly compare a product or brand’s features and benefits, as well as price allowing thrifty shoppers to compare prices, read or write product reviews, and simply search for the best possible online shopping deals and lowest prices. As with the retailers and marketplaces offering their own product comparison features, MiserBee Shop will provide side by side checklists surrounding a product’s features and benefits, its price, availability, plus fulfilment options. These features not only help with product discovery, they will also keep an individual well-informed of the ever-changing trends in the market positions and influence buying decisions and can mean a purchase is just a few clicks away.

Given the speed at which information changes online, monitoring for unwanted comparisons such as Retailer brand pages, Banner advertising on retail sites, Brand search experience, Related products and feature comparisons as well as Suggestions from ‘What other customers viewed’. These should be avoided to keep a track of missed purchases of the best suited products.Unfavourable associations and matches, can be a source for damaging and devaluing a consumer’s existing view of a brand.

Consumers can scan top sellers and products by category or enter a specific search query for their product of interest. It includes buyer’s guides, product reviews, and advice on what to look for when purchasing specific products. It will show a history of changing trends in pricing and also send alerts when there is a drop in the prices of your favourite products. Another benefit is that you can also share the products from MiserBee Shop to your friends and family for their opinions. 

MiserBee Shop is one of the best choices for ecommerce merchants looking for some extra sales and aids customers in product discovery, suggesting similar products to compare and by strolling through our website can be a great way to ease buyer hesitation and instil confidence in their purchase.

Who doesn’t like to make the most of their money when shopping online?

MiserBee Discounts is another exciting site where you will find exclusive discount codes, latest and special offers and deals with 100% authentication 

Everything from a chicken burger to a fully functional playstation is available at the touch of a button. We at MiserBee Discounts serve you in the right way to save money when shopping online! 

It’s no secret customers love to buy products when they receive a discount. We provide the latest discount codes, promo-codes, cashback, student-offers, vouchers which is an online shopper’s paradise.

A few of the reasons why it is a good idea using a promo code when shopping:  

  • You can find items at a lower price, an exceptional value for money
  • The convenience of using your phone to redeeming one from your desktop
  • Get free shipping  
  • Avoid paying taxes and fees on international orders  
  • Easy to remember codes

How about saving a HUGE amount of money and getting more out of your monthly income? Isn’t it amazing? From daily deals on top brands to free shipping, MiserBee Discounts has got all your shopping needs covered!  Search, shop, save!

Best deals are now at the palm of your hands!  

You can also follow and sign up for our newsletter for daily updates on discount passes. Best Drop and Deals!

Grab the best deals in the online radar!

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